1) What is the Location Advantage of Gokulam ?

Gokulam is situated right off the ADB road, which is the high growth corridor and connection between Rajahmundry and Kakinada. It is also very close to the GSL Medical College and the NH going to Vizag. Given the growth envisaged for Navya Andhra Pradesh, this location has a high potential for great returns on the investment.

2) Are there any residential houses around the area?

Yes, Gokulam is right in the midst of hamlet villages Venkannapeta & ST Rajapuram, whose population is around 8,000.

3) Will Sirveen construct a house for us in Gokulam?

Yes, we do take up construction of homes on a turn-key basis.

4) How far is the airport and bus-stand from Gokulam?

The airport is around 13 kms from our site and Rajanagaram busstop is 1.5 kms

5) What is status of Sirveen's previous Venture "Brindavanam" ?

We have completed all development activities and have provided amenities such as electricity, underground drainage, overhead tank, blacktop roads and parks.

6) Have the Brindavanam customers seen the value of their investment appreciate?

Yes, the initial customers of Brindavanam have seen a significant double-digit growth in their investments.

7) Are there any plots or houses still available in the Brindavanam venture?

With the support and confidence shown by our customers, Phases 1 & 2 have been fully sold-out. However, some of the customers are now offering a second sale, and enjoying the benefit of being able to book profits in a period of 2 years.